About Us


Our core vision is to be the most innovative online market in India for Fresh & Hygiene edible products. We strive to make a huge difference in customer satisfaction and quality service is our utmost spirit.

Delivering fresh products have always been a primary focus with Central Fresh Market and we strive to maintain that. We have a wide range of products like Fruits, a Vegetables, Exotic Veggies, Meat, Chicken, Egg and much more. We undertake bulk orders as well including Catering Service Orders. Our team focuses on delivery quality products to end consumers with a service quality.

Central Fresh Market has always been focused on providing the best values to its customers. We have exclusive offers and best prices that makes a way to build a long rapport with our customers.



We are at your service all the time. Our service Delivery boys are quick to deliver products at faster rate.


Products in our cart are fresh from farm. You can sense the quality with our orders.

Value For Money

We have variety of discounts and coupons that saves a lot of your money. Order now and get availed with these coupons.